I’m at a transitional point in my professional life, and I’m finding many occasions in which I need to explain myself–where I’m coming from, what I’m up to now and the usual who/what/where/when/whys of it all.

  • Firstly, this home page is a blog–every week or so I’ll put up a new piece of original visual art, a poem, and a recording. There’s already one installation: check it out! I’ve been sitting on some of this stuff for years! I hope this platform also inspires me to make new stuff. Sometimes I’ll write in prose, usually about education and music.
  • There is a calendar of events! New events are added every week.
  • You can hear me drone on about my educational/artistic philosophy.
  • You can buy the coolest homemade book! I will sell other merch one day.
  • Etc, etc, etc. It’s a pretty typical website, at least for now.

The paint on this site needs to dry and I need to go practice and teach! Please comment and share, and watch for my next installation, if you’d like.

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