November 12, 2014

Rather than make a comprehensive archive, I am going to try a rotating gallery format. Each week (or so) I will feature one original piece of visual art, one poem, and one musical recording. I hope this format will keep visits to this site fresh and will make me want to draw/write/record more often.


Art After Inundation © Marji Gere, 2010

Art After Inundation © Marji Gere, 2010


The Mystery Curve

cloud-illustration-sriviSo we go this way
Eleven miles or ninety
To the Mystery Curve.
We’re close to danger!
But by dark the shine
Will be off the deck.
When did I lose my taste for symmetry?
Why is balance so bitter?
Here is a joke I have rehearsed–
Oh! New worlds pass by my window,
Too fast for me to map.

© Marji Gere, 2010


Here’s a recording of the beginning of Mario Davidovksy’s Duo Capriccioso for Violin and Piano (2003). Dan Sedgwick on piano, I’m on violin. Recorded in September of 2013.